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Drilling Services

Drilling Services

We are specialized in offering unparalleled Drilling Services to the clients.


Our specialization lies at
Core Drilling Services : This machine is operated for drilling in any earth formation either collapsible or non-collapsible & that too in specific size upto 500 metres depth. The inner most part i.e. solid core is taken out from the bottom of the deepest drilled bore sent to the geologist for the Exploration of minerals.

Auger Drilling Services : This work is carried out in Horizontal Direction without braking the roads, below National High Ways, State Highways, other Major & minor roads, big Nallahs, rivers without the interruption to Traffic First of all this work is carried out with latest Technology through Auger Drilling system for required Trench then as per requirement round pipe of Dia 200mm to 2000mm is laid in the excavated trench upto the length of 50 metres to 250 metres.

15 Tonne Horizontal Directional Drilling Services : Horizontal Directional Drilling is executed by this machine below Ground level at the depth of 3 to 5 mtr. The said machine is newly introduced in India of latest Technology having Electronic transmitter. This machine drills the Horizontal bore along the road, across the road without breaking the existing road, Railway track, building, Nallah, river in major & minor cities in congested places also without the interruption to Traffic safety precautions are installed at the site of work. If this machine is used there is no necessity to excavate the trench/ drain manually. Manual work takes too much longer time whereas the said machine takes very less time to complete the work.

Below the ground level/under ground there remain public utilities like water supply pipes, Gas supply pipes, cables which are non-visible so this machine saves/protects them any also without giving any harm to them. This machine is operated in all types of soft & sandy soil only & not in hard rock formation. The Drilling which is done by this machine is called as Trenchless drilling. First of all having prepared Entry pit & Exit pit, the proposed Under ground Horizontal Bore is drilled in the Horizontal direction given by the client then 200mm to 500mm Dia flexible pipe is inserted into the drilled bore horizontally upto the length of 40 metre to 400 metres.


35 Tonne Horizontal Directional Drilling Services : Regarding this machine, the information is the same as per the information of the HDD machine of 15 Tonne. However, more information is given as detailed below

The said machine can drill in hard rock also. Big pipes of all kinds including MS & CI of 200mm to 1000mm Dia can be inserted upto the length of 100 metres to 500 metres into drilled Horizontal Bore.

Agriculture services : This machine is used for the Agriculture & Factory purpose of Dia 9” to 15” upto the depth of 1000 feet to solve the water problem of irrigation/factory etc. The excavation on with this machine is done only in the earth formation of Hard rock & Non-Collapsible soil.

Rotary drilling services : This Machine is used for making Tubewell in the formation of sand & soft rock only. Agriculturists, Factory owners & mine owners need this machine for Irrigation & ready source for water supply respectively.

First of all the Bore of size 150mm to 700mm bore is drilled perfectly in vertical position upto the depth of 300 meters & then the casing pipes are lowered in un-cased naked bore. For casing, MS pipes, G.I. pipes, UPC pipes, CR Pipes & RCC pipes are used the gap around the casing pipes is filled with gravels to pack the lowered casing pipes firmly as well as to keep the pipes perfectly in vertical position permanently. Thirdly, if gravels not provided, set properly sand may pass directly through the slots of slotted pipes into Tubewell.

Combination Drilling Services : This machine can work in any formation of Earth. This machine has two systems one is for Borewell & another system is for Tubewell in this way so is the combination here in. The Bore of size/dia. 150mm to 1000mm can be drilled up to 300 Metre depth.


Recharge Shaft : This work is done by retaining/holding the water & by soaking the water.  The said maximum work is carried out on the banks of rivers by water Harvesting  system.  Because of this system we can  keep the more water level of the excavated tubewell for ever than the water level of other  tubewells.


Geological Investigation Services : We get this work done by the qualified/skilled geologist by handing over the samples of excavated soils & stones to him for proper Analysis.  In this way the required geological investigation is completed.